Maker Faire bike fun (and more)


San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faire continues Sunday at the San Mateo County event center. Pay $17 to park your car, or ride your bike there and park at the FREE bike valet parking provided by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and get $5 off the admission price.

Pedal Powered Steampunk

Stuff to watch for: Dan Goldwater with his latest Monkey Electric spoke lights, “Fossil Fool” Paul Freedman and his bike powered Rock the Bike music stage, the Scraper Bike king Babye Champ and his crew from Oakland riding their Scraper Bikes, Cyclecide carnival rides, pedal powered steampunk contraptions, and assorted hobbyists, enthusiasts, makers, welders, and other nerds with their swing bikes, DIY eBikes, tallbikes, and other pedal powered gadgets and widgets.

Power generation

Monkey Electric lights

Rock the Bike power generation

Cyclecide rides

See also giant cardboard robots, dancing bike girls, rockets, a giant Mousetrap game (designed to capture a human sized “mouse”), 1/44 scale battleship battles (liability waiver and eye protection required to view), and scores of children getting soaked and monstrous exploding fountains of Diet Coke.

Low Velocity Projectile Area

Eepy Bird - Diet Coke and Mentos

Giant Cardboard Robots

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