Bicycles in Pittsburgh

Clarence Eckerson / Streetfilms visits Pittsburgh, PA to check out all things bicycling there.

I missed this video over the Christmas holidays but its worth bringing up. Some of the nifty things I saw in the video include:

  • Pittsburgh boasts literally hundreds of bridges crossing three major rivers and countless ravines. Pittsburgh is the world record holder for bridges with piers and stands contained entirely within city limits. Because many of these bridges were constructed before the auto became the dominant form of transportation, they are accessible to walkers and cyclists!
  • Covered and secure bike parking built from old metal shipping containers.
  • PGH city code has a bike parking requirement for new or retrofit commercial buildings.
  • Who can spot the Burley Travoy trailer in the video?

From Streetfilms: Journey to Pittsburgh to Walk & Bike .

My pals at Urban Velo are in Pittsburgh. Oh and BTW — big pieces of PGH’s trail system are missing from OpenStreetMap — please contribute and help your fellow cyclists!

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