Boston bike laws toothless

Does anybody know the legal details of this?

Apparently, Boston police can write tickets to cyclists they catch breaking the law, but, according to the Boston Herald, there’s no actual fine or other punishment.

Cyclists who run red lights, cruise on sidewalks and speed through crosswalks are getting off scot-free thanks to a legislative snafu that has left cops powerless to punish renegade pedal-pushers.

The state changed bike laws in 2010 to allow cops to slap cyclists with the same roadway violations issued to motorists, but the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the Legislature and the courts have yet to come up with a plan to enforce the penalties.

Story: Cops: Bike rules come up empty.

In spite of any lack of enforcement, it’s still a good idea to follow the law. At the very least, you’re probably a little more likely to recover damages after an accident if you’re riding lawfully and predictably.

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