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more cycling and smart transport podcasts

Resist twitter by listening to cycling podcasts! Thanks to The Bike Show at Resonance FM, I learned of an Australian show called Bike Love.

Speaking of Resonance FM, The Bike Show has special coverage on the Spring Classic Races this week.

The Puma, courtesy of Engadget

One of my favorite non-cycling podcasts is the geeky Engadget. This week Engadget has a 24-minute discussion about bicycles, Segways and new electric mini-offerings like the Puma and the Peapod. Paul Miller of Engadget got to ride in the Puma and have a close-up look at the Peapod.

Cycling points of view

In Carbusters issue 37, Jonas Christian notes

while the need to protect non-smokers is well established, the necessity of protectin non-drivers has yet to arrive in the mainstream.

Christian raises a fascinating question as to whether the protection of non-smokers is a curiosity or a precedent.

In a completely cycling-free lecture, Marjane Satrapi comments that cartoonists aren’t taken seriously in part because most people learn to draw as children and then give it up as adults.

Via The Bike Show from Resonance FM, I learned of yet another cycling podcast, Bike Love from Sydney, Australia.

cycling podcasts

What could be finer than to queue up a bunch of cycling podcasts, take out the tools, and tune up the bike? Well, maybe riding the bike would be better, but sooner or later you’ll need to do some maintenance, and the time will fly by if you listen to a podcast while you’re working. Here are my the ones I know about:

Bike to Work with Carlton Reid.

T-Chatter featuring Georgena Terry. Has a bit of an infomercial quality sometimes. Focused on women’s cycling, though not exclusively. The interview last fall with Richard Schwinn about trends in bicycle fabrication was great.

Bikescape, a Bay Area podcast that is mostly about transportation cycling and policy. The audio quality is variable, but the content can be quite informative.

Bike Show from Resonance FM, a very entertaining British podcast with interviews and stories about curious events like the Stonehenge Solstice ride. The presenter’s love of cycling is infectious.

The Fredcast is an encyclopedic podcast that covers all aspects from product recalls to racing to gear reviews. The Fredcast is well-produced and full of useful information.

The Spokesmen comes from David Bernstein, the fellow behind the Fredcast, but has a different focus. The Spokesmen is a roundtable with several commentators from the bicycle industry, sometimes including our own Fritz.

not your usual bicycle tour

When we say “bicycle tour,” you probably imagine slogging up mountain passes with bulging panniers, but these bicycle tours are more traditional tourism-tours where participants happen to travel by bicycle.

Sustainability Tours from Santa Cruz:

Bicycle the beautiful coast and mountains of Santa Cruz, California. Visit organic farms, sustainable vineyards, and ecological homes. Taste varieties of wines, herb teas, juices, tomatoes, honeycomb, and more.

Bicycle History Tours in San Francisco:

CounterPULSE and Shaping San Francisco director Chris Carlsson conducts ~4-hour historical tours of San Francisco by bicycle. Bring a snack and water, and reserve your spot now! Meet at CounterPULSE, at noon on the dates above.

And for completeness, eleven Bicycle Architecture Tours in London last summer (tip of the hat to The Bike Show from Resonance FM).