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Sea Otter Stories: Fear And Loathing In Laguna Seca

Cain Ramirez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cowgirl Bike Courier. He has been designated by Cyclelicious as part of the less-than-one percent of transportation cyclists that identify as “Strong & Fearless”.

It started off as a joke.

Rich had just posted a press release for the Sea Otter Classic on Twitter. In it was mention of the Second Iteration of their infamous eMTB Race. I laughed. I don’t ride mountain bikes. Truth be told, I don’t particularly like mountain bikes, or mountain bike culture for that matter. Despite these preconceived notions, I’m a complete sucker for erratic and quirky cycling concepts.


Tour of Qatar ITT portraits

Tom Boonen Tour of Qatar Individual Time Trial

The individual time trials isn’t my personal favorite in a road bicycle stage race, but a spread out line of individuals racers results in a spectator friendly event and a great opportunity for sports photographers to catch top racers in action.

Shooting a bike race in the desert doesn’t often afford much opportunity for stunning imagery, but today’s Tour of Qatar Stage 3 took place in a sandstorm and finished in the late afternoon. Photographer Bryn Lennon took advantage of the unique lighting to catch several racers from his motorcycle vantage.

More below this photo of Tom Boonen. Click through for larger images.