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Use this page to contact Fritz. I am the webmaster for Others are permitted to post their opinions to this website, and I allow opinions that I don't necessarily agree with. I am, however, ultimately responsbile for the content of this site.

If you have an opinion about an article on Cyclelicious, I prefer that you leave your comment in the Comments section of the article. I read each and every comment left on the site.

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Read below for my policies regarding link exchanges and product reviews.

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To contact me via email, send a blank message to with the subject line "contact" and you will receive an automated response with my real email address.

Sorry about this obfuscated cloak-and-dagger business, but spammers have made life difficult through their web harvesting of email addresses. Before I started using an effective anti-spam service, I was getting upwards of 300 unsolicited commercial emails everyday. Every time a spammer says "What's the problem? All you have to do is hit Delete," I grit my teeth and wonder at the supreme ignorance of these idiots.

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Link exchanges

If you have a bicycling-related site -- especially one that contains commentary or other editorial content or news (like a blog or online zine) -- I'll gladly mention your site in a blog post. Details I like to know include name (or 'handle') of site owner or admin, your location, scope of your site (e.g. geographic area, type of cycling), and your affiliation (if any) to any bike industry business.

I don't typically have permanent links from my index or 'home' page. A blog post will get you a link from a PR5, high-ranking web page for several days, and a permanent link from a low-ranking page forever. If you're looking for exposure, it's enough to get you noticed by the major search engines almost immediately.

Links to commerce sites

If you're selling something (t-shirts, socks, schwag, etc), you'll need to buy an ad by clicking on the AdWords ad above. Send a shirt or other clothing to me and I'll post a photo both on Cyclelicious and in my Flickr photostream. Contact for shipping details.

Product reviews

Cyclelicious does product reviews. I've listed a sample of reviews below. All products reviews will be posted and I or one of my other writers will review the product in a fair manner. If I encounter problems, I'll contact you to try to resolve the issue. Please contact me for shipping details.

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