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Bethlehem police release bike crash video

Video captures bus driver blocking hit-and-run attempt after cyclist hit from behind. Followup to the news about the 17 year old kid who hit a cyclist and attempted to flee on the Fahy Bridge in Bethlehem, PA on Monday. This bridge surveillance video shows the driver hitting the cyclist and then he immediately tries to read more »

Gene Hackman rides a bike

81 year old actor Gene Hackman was hit from behind by a car pickup truck as he rode his bicycle on Islamorada in the Florida Keys this afternoon. He’s been released from the hospital. No charges have been filed against the driver of the pickup truck who hit Hackman, according to the Miami Herald. More read more »

And they say CARS are dangerous…

Some of my mountain bike friends tell me I’m crazy for riding with traffic. The cyclist looks (and sounds) like he’s in poor shape. Here’s hoping for his recovery from this.

Cyclist down in Santa Cruz (again)

A 58 year old man riding a Giant hybrid bike was hit from behind at about 8:30 this morning on Highway 1 by Bonny Doon Road.

New York cyclists hurt 1000 pedestrians annually

But… 15 pedestrians injured by cars for every one hurt by a bike. Over 300 pedestrians are killed by cars for every one killed by a bicycle. A recently released study finds about 1,000 pedestrians are injured each year in collisions with cyclists in the state of New York.

Don’t ride like this

Hotshot on a bike tries to squeeze into the tiny space between a bus and a truck in this cringe worthy video. He almost makes it. Bystanders scream in horror. The guy with the camera says “That was really stupid.” It’s not as bad as it could’ve been.