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Sueshiro Sano at NAHBS

Sueshiro Sano, scion of a 200 year old Japanese company that builds ocean going sailing ships, was in Denver over the weekend to show off his wooden bicycles. Among them was this mahogany minivelo road bike with 20 inch wooden wheels.

Bridgestone Wedgerock

Bridestone Bicycles in Japan has a European-styled utility bike they call the “Wedgerock.” Retails for roughly $600.

Japanese vs American bicycle GPS

A comparison of the screen and features of GPS cycling navigation devices for the American vs Japanese markets.

Doraemon bike

Doraemon (roughly pronounced “Doe Rye Moan”) is a popular Japanese cartoon series about a robotic time traveling talking cat. He began life as a manga character in the late 1960s, and his immense popularity as an animated TV series means Doraemon is widely merchandised to all kinds of consumer products, including folding bicycles.

Japan crew at NAHBS 2012

Among the throngs visiting the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento last weekend, there were large numbers of Japanese media, fans and reps. Among the people in this photo: Japanese bike dealer Sim Works, who imports components, bikes or accessories from Chris King, Hunter, Sycip, King Cage, Peterboro Basket, and Philosophy Bags. Although there’s read more »

Sumo wrestler rides a bicycle

Retired sumo wrestler Hokutoumi Nobuyoshi, who now heads the Hakkaku sumo school, rides a bike during a traffic safety seminar in Tokyo, Japan.