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Drive through bike shop

Patrons and staff in Rock and Road Cyclery in Mission Viejo, CA barely escape serious injury when a motorist drove her car full speed into the bike shop just one week after the store re-opened after a big remodel. Note the girl with the crutches. Via Serge.

2 bikes, 1 lock

MAKE Magazine illustrator Tim Lillis created this “Tricks of the Trade” video to show how you can lock two bicycles up with a single U lock.

Worldwide bike registration

MyBikeNumber is a new startup which is aiming to offer an international bike registration system.

Toronto: Private cops for bike lane enforcement?

Darren in Toronto has an interesting idea: Toronto police don’t enforce no parking laws in city bike lanes. Since police can be hiredto police private events, why not hire one just to enforce bike lane no parking zones?