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Arrest in Fresno cyclist shooting

Say hello to Larry McLaughlin and Christopher Touchstone. They allegedly believed it would be a laugh riot to shoot a random cyclist north of Fresno, California. They didn’t figure this cyclist was a cop.

Fresno sheriff’s deputy SHOT WHILE CYCLING

Wow. An off-duty Fresno County sheriff’s deputy was shot Tuesday afternoon while cycling. The deputy was cycling when he heard a sound and felt something strike his back. The deputy was knocked from his bike. The deputy saw the rear passenger of a blue SUV pull a rifle back inside the vehicle. One wonders if read more »

Don’t honk at cyclists, Bro

Whenever I ask non-cyclists not to honk at cyclists, they often react with surprise. “I sometimes honk to let you know I’m behind you!” they explain.

Tapping road rage for fuel efficiency

Yesterday, The Onion posted audio about “New, Anger Powered Cars” and I thought “I’ve heard this one before.”

Cops shoot hatchet, shotgun-wielding bicyclist

That’s really the headline in this San Francisco Chronicle article. Via Erik who asks, “Just how do you ride a bike and wield a hatchet and a shotgun anyway?” and Wuss, who answers, “Obviously by riding hands free.” Maybe this guy was inspired by Spike Bike.