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Office building installs bike racks, tickets cyclists who use them

The Vancouver Sun & Province Building aka Granville Square in Vancouver, BC, installed bike racks outside of their building. You’d think the bike racks are for parking bikes, right? Molly Millar, the fashion editor for Momentum Magazine, rode her bike to her day job as a researcher at this Class A office building. At the read more »

Thief feels guilty, returns stolen tandem bike

Harly and Courtny Forbes of Vancouver, BC, depended on their tandem bicycle for transportation. Somebody stole the bike from their front porch. After three days of media attention focusing on the hardship caused by the theft, however, the thief returned the bike with a note of apology.

Vancouver Flying Pigeon

My only experience with the Flying Pigeon brand of Chinese bicycles occurred during Interbike a few years ago.

Ryan Leech rides a bicycle

We already know Ryan Leech does amazing trick riding on his trials bike, but who knew Ryan also rides what looks like a pretty sweet commuter rig — what he calls his “errand bike” — to get around city streets in Vancouver?