Cycling in Benin

Saka wins the 1km time trial in the 1985 France Afrique Cup. Photo credit: Christoph Herby
Christoph Herby, former pro racer with the Snow Valley and Rite Aid teams turned photographer and Peace Corps Volunteer, has launched a blog, Cycling in Benin. Herby’s first post, Cheers from Benin!, explores the formative years of modern day bike racing in Benin, West Africa, from Bienvenue Zah and Christophe Alladaye in the 1960s, the formation of the Beninese Cycling Federation in the 1970s, and the decade long reign of Mustafa Saka in the 1980s to the arrival of Fernand Gandaho who raced in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

This promises to be an enlightening blog to follow for those interested in cycling, Africa, and the triumph of tenacity and bravery over adversity. Coming up next: A look at today’s Beninese national team.

Also noteworthy is Herby’s narrative photography site,


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