Pedaler Clothing Hoodie

Pedaler Clothing HoodieNAHBS Attendees: See Pedaler Clothing at Carytown Bicycle Company, Richmond, VA. Details below.

Once upon a time, a group of urban cycling friends in New York and Los Angeles got together talking about the dearth of cycling specific clothing that wasn’t stretchy skin-tight plastic. The East Coast / West Coast collaboration became Pedaler Clothing , designing unisex, urban apparel for functionality, fashion, riding visibility and fabric sustainability.

Pedaler should add “comfort” to that list. Pedaler sent me their day/night hoodie to try, and I immediately fell in love with the bamboo / cotton fabric’s wonderfully soft and comfy feel with all the cozy cuddliness of a Snuggie™ blanket, yet with none of the extreme dorkiness. It feels great and looks good. This Made In California hoodie is so cool, Pedaler tells me a VH1 host will wear one on the air next week.

Other nifty features: Reflective Pedaler logo on the shoulder, reflective strips along the zipper, and reflective wheel graphic across your back; “bike jersey” style back pockets to stash stuff; pockets up front so you have someplace to stuff your hands while riding no-handed; and thumb holes in the sleeves (they’re trendy cool and they keep the sleeves from riding up when you go really fast). Oh, and the best part: YKK front zipper. I’ve so had it with cheap zippers, I’m glad Pedaler recognizes the importance of a good zipper.

Pedaler Hoodie
A quick word about bamboo fabric.

A lot of “bamboo” fabric out there isn’t really bamboo. It’s really rayon, a synthetic textile manufactured from cellulose fibers. In the United States, it’s illegal to market rayon as “bamboo” even if the source fibers contain bamboo, and the US Federal Trade Commission recently warned several retailers for mislabeling their products.

Trinity at Pedaler tells me her supplier assures her that her bamboo textiles are actually bamboo. She explained the Organic Crops Improvement Association International (OCIA) standards for organic and wild crop certifications, the Global Organic Textile Standard certification, and the “Oeko-Tex Standard 100.” I’m a computer and bike nerd, not a textile expert, but I guess that all looks pretty good. (Assuming those certifications aren’t forged, which I have ample and bitter personal experience with in dealing with some Chinese suppliers, but that’s another story).

Buy this hoodie or any of Pedaler Clothing’s other items online at Pedaler Clothing or from one of their USA dealers. NAHBS attendees can take a look by visiting Carrytown Bicycle Company in Richmond at 224 W Cary Street.

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