Shimano NAHBS Awards Jury Named

[Press Release] The high profile Shimano NAHBS Awards will once again be selected by a panel of judges who have great knowledge and experience in the handmade industry.The 2010 Shimano NAHBS Awards Jury has been assembled to determine the outcome of what is seen by some as the most prestigious competition in the cycling world: the Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show Awards, an annual contest held at the show, which this year is in the Greater Richmond Convention Center, Virginia, February 26-28. The award winners are announced at 3 p.m. on Sunday February 28th in the show hall.

The judges have been assembled by the Jury chairman, Dale Brown, in consultation with the show’s founder and director, Don Walker. They are:

Dale Brown: Bike shop owner , cycles de ORO/frame builder/race promoter- Greensboro, NC
Jamie Swan: instructor at Webb Institute/frame builder/machinist – Glen Cove, NY
Peter Weigle: frame builder – Lyme, CT
Steven Maasland: 30 years in bicycle industry retail, wholesale & manufacturing/frame builder – Moorestown, NJ
Roman Stankus: Architect/frame builder – Atlanta GA
Don Ferris: Prop. Anvil Tooling, Littleton, CO

Dale Brownsaid “The 2010 NAHBS jury has been assembled with members who are deeply knowledgeable about the technical aspects of handmade bicycles. All have built their own frames, some as a main vocation, others as just one part of their overall cycling credentials. They all share a continuing passion for bicycles and bicycle making.”

The Shimano NAHBS Awards categories and 2009 winners are:

Best road frame – Della Santa Cycles
Best off-road frame – Goodrich Bicycles
Best track frame – Cherubim by Konno Cycle Works
Best tandem frame – Bilenky Cycle Works
Best steel frame – Not awarded in 2009
Best carbon fiber frame – Independent Fabrication
Best titanium frame – Ericksen Cycles
Best lugged frame – Ellis Cycles
Best fillet brazed frame – Nobilette Cycles
Best TIG welded frame – Strong Frames
Best City Bike – MAP Bicycles
Best paintwork – Velocolour
Rookie of the Year – not awarded in 2009
People’s choice – Naked Cycles and Design
President’s choice – Cherubim by Konno Cycle Works
Best of show – Cicli Polito

More info about 2009 awards.

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