A new wearable bike lock

Whilst bike messengers have long been known for wearing the Abus Steel-O-Flex around their waist a new bike lock is hoping to take it’s place as “the wearable bike lock”. It’s called the Hiplock and costs £69.99 (112 USD).

It’s likely to appeal to those not lugging around a bag on their back. I’m one of them – when I want to meet my friends at the pub I tend to avoid taking a bag with me which forces me to shove bike lights in my pockets and lock around my waist. At £69.99 the lock should promise some very hefty security, however currently it only boasts a “Sold Secure Silver Rating”. Coming below lower priced bike locks such as the favourite Kryptonite New York 3000. Whilst the lock has yet to be tested by bike magazines I’ll be keeping an eye on it and more specifically the price – if it drops down a little it could make a more attractive purchase.

For more on the Hiplock head to www.hiplok.com


  1. Good for walking in and right back out of somewhere, but for any length of time, all that’ll be left is the frame.

  2. Thanks for this. It’s interesting, but the deal-breaker is the Sold-Secure Silver rating. I’m in the market for a new padlock and chain and I will be going for SS-Gold (bicycle), minimum.
    I like the 90 cm circumference, but it’s the 8 mm wire diameter chain that’s too easily cut. I understand that they’ve been working to a weight limit and I assume it’s a long-link chain.
    AFAIK, high physical protection against theft and Low weight / mass are incompatible at the current time.

    I won’t be buying one these. I really like the idea, but it’s just not good enough. I park in some risky places and I expect my bike to be there when I come back. Even though it would be OK with my insurer.
    I expect to be lugging at least 2.7 kg of padlock and chain. A bit longer and SS-G rated. I’d rather lug that around and cycle home, rather than walk home and claim on my insurance.
    BTW, I also carry and use a SS-G U-lock.

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