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College: Parking more efficient land use than bike facility

Texas community college with free parking would replace new velodrome with parking garage.

The Superdrome in Frisco, Texas built twelve years ago is a 100,000 square foot, $15 million 250 meter outdoor wood bicycle racing track. It’s a valued asset to the local cycling community with variety of events, including world-class competitions and weekly racing series. Teams from around the world use the Superdrome for training, and the facility is quickly becoming one of the nation’s primary sites for research on cycling and aerobic acitivity. The general public is also welcome to use the facility for training and for corporate events and meetings.

And the local community college wants to tear it down and replace it with a parking garage.


ChipSeal’s Defense

Let him ride.

I am part of a group trying to raise funds for a worthy cause, a fight against an injustice done to a Texas cyclist. Some of you may know him. His name is Reed Bates. Until recently, he penned the ChipSeal blog.

The police have stopped Bates numerous times in and around Ennis, Texas. Most notably, he was arrested and jailed for the ‘crime’ of riding a bicycle on the road. (more…)

Mellow Johnny’s opens on Saturday

Mellow Johnny’s (maillot jaune, get it?), Lance Armstrong’s new bicycle store in Austin, Texas, opens this weekend.

Armstrong anticipates that the majority of the sales will be high end road racing gear at his Trek dealership, but he says that the bike will be an important way for people to get around. Besides offering fitness training, Mellow Johnny’s also has secure bike parking and showers specifically for commuters who cycle into downtown Austin.

Read more about Lance Armstrong’s hopes for his new shop in this Momentum Magazine interview with Lance Armstrong.

El Paso to allow bikes on sidewalk

Where are the cyclists in El Paso on this issue? The city council in El Paso, Texas support the idea of repealing a law in which bikes are currently banned from city sidewalks. A neighborhood association representative spoke against the repeal, noting that sidewalks are for walking on.

What’s especially ridiculous is this editorial from the El Paso Times Staff, in which they publish, “We know one thing for sure: Bicycles on streets are known to cause road rage.” Grrr….