Bill Cunningham and the SF International Film Festival

81 year old New York Times style photographer Bill Cunningham gets around his city by bike. Filmmaker Richard Press and producer Philip Gefter followed Cunningham to create “Bill Cunningham New York,” an 88 minute documentary that will show at the San Francisco International Film Festival that began April 22 and continues through May 6. Cunningham will appear at the movie showing at the Kabuki this weekend on May 2.

Bill Cunningham’s street photography is posted twice weekly in the Times Fashion & Style section, in which Cunningham narrates the multimedia slideshows. His old, fendered bicycle is his sole means of transportation.


SF Film Festival location and showings.

Capturing the elusive Bill Cunningham.

Bill Cunningham New York movie website.

I think some of the people from Velo Vogue will be at the movie showing on Sunday.



  1. =v= One of the biggest thrills grrlfriday had was being photographed by Bill Cunningham and appearing in one of his columns last year. He handed her a notebook, addressed her as “Dear Child,” and asked her to write down her name in big letters so that he could credit her properly.

  2. i miss my non-sleep art school morning and seeing his pages in the NYT. love that he still prints and publishes from film. makes me feel super good about not having a fancy camera and getting pieces printed from a point and shoot. in a linear similarity about vision over gadgets, if that makes sense.
    bill is great – this made me smile 😀

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