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Betabrand women’s bike commuter apparel for 2015

Betabrand commuter apparel 2015

You might know Betabrand for their fleece “dress slacks” and YouTube ads for their awesomely obnoxious disco pants, but did you know this San Francisco clothing manufacturer has been selling practical urban cycling apparel since at least 2010? A woman’s cycling pant was added in 2012, and they’ve continued to expand their women’s bike-to-work clothing through 2015.

They have jeans, slacks, skirts, a shirt dress, shoes, socks and scarves. View and buy the complete collection here.

Women’s cycling jeans?

Everyday urban cycling jeans and similar pants that can be worn on and off the bike are available for men in dozens of styles from dozens of vendors large and small. The only apparel designed for women, though, tend to be overly casual or sporty apparel like skorts, shorts and cycling.knickers.

Does a market for women’s cycling jeans exist? Designer and bike commuter Victoria Brewer is testing that through this Betabrand project for women’s gray bike-to-work jeans.

Women's gray bicycle jeans