Kelly Brook rides an old timey trike


Model Kelly Brook joined Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy on old fashioned cycles in an appearance to announce the return of Sky Ride, the British open streets event that attracted over 100,000 people to ride their bikes last August.

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Last year, Ms Brook appeared with Mayor of London Boris Johnson to promote the ride in London, when city streets were closed as 65,000 people rode their bikes along the Embankment, up the Mall, into St James’s Park and out to St Pauls. The 2010 London Sky Ride will take place on Sunday, September 5.

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British track cyclist Sir Christopher Hoy, who won three gold medals in Beijing 2008, fell from his high wheeler Ordinary bike and hit the pavement during the photoshoot after he collided with Brook’s front end. In spite of his total lack of head protection, Hoy miraculously suffered no grievous head injuries.

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  1. There's a joke in there somewhere about air bags and the collision with her front end but my brain's too tired to parse it out properly. And that is a pretty high place to fall from, scary!

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