Motolicious retrospective

Shortly after Karl Benz began production of his revolutionary 4 stroke gasoline engine in 1888, I published MOTORLICIOUS to celebrate and promote this powerful transportation for the masses. Motorlicious continues publication over a century later to keep the dream of personal motorized transportation alive.

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Thank you to my loyal readers who work tirelessly advocating for motorized transportation. Please continue to support government policies and spending that enable us to rely ever more on a declining resource. China will, this year, surpass the United States to become the world’s largest consumer of petroleum. If we don’t use it, they will, and the Chinese will usurp our rightful place in history as the planet’s greatest consumerist people. Keep the dream alive!


  1. =v= To best maximize our use of the world's oil, THEY need to keep the price low for us. I propose a return to the tactics of yesteryear: The Great American Gas-Out. Just in case you forgot how it works, you pick a Friday (such as May 30, 1997) to boycott gas. Fill up your tank the previous Thursday, or wait until Saturday for a refill. Because THAT will show 'em.

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