Transit chic?

I’m on my way to the Sea Otter Classic festival in Monterey (hopefully), so here’s something to think about in the meantime: Various brands of clothing specific to urban cycling have popped up. Where’s the clothing for the fashionable bus rider?

Street fashion photographer Scott Schuman (aka “The Sartoralist”) shot this photo of people waiting at the bus stop in Moscow, Russia.

Moscow bus stop by The Sartorialist

It turns out this is one of the very few photos (I could only find one other) posted to the Sartorialist blog that’s shot at a bus, train, or subway stop of any kind; whereas Schuman has an entire category devoted just to bicycles.

Are there any blogs devoted to fashion on public transportation? What about celebrities who ride public transportation?

Transit marketing generally revolves around guilt or the very left-brained practical advantages of mass transit (save money! save the planet! be green! reduce congestion!) I know there are public transit advocates around, but you only rarely see any bus or train marketing with even a smidgen of sex appeal in them.

How about it, transit advocates? What positive examples do we have of transit marketing that’s fun, spontaneous, and popular for transit users and their friends? Where’s the “Bus Snob NYC” blog mocking Craiglist “Missed Connections” on the subway. Is there an “Urban Metro” webzine for bus commuter geeks? Will there ever be a hipster trend that involves dressing up in tight jeans with quick access pockets specifically to hold Metro flash passes? When will the gadget blogs and Wired magazine cover DIY TransLink cards and readers? How about railfan wine labels?

Will riding the bus ever be considered “cool”?


  1. And I was just commenting this morning how my bike car was full of hipster hotties. Adverts should have more images of hot, young people taking public transit. Well, it doesn't have to be overly obvious, just have them taking the train or bus with their friends or something. Ha.

    Also, hipsters don't need quick access pockets for their passes. They have hipster fanny packs!

  2. Well, there's “Snob on a Bus” from LA, who usually prefaces her posts with a description of the outfit she's rocking that day. Like her latest post:

    “visual: Rocking my organic fibers care of lululemon athletica today, charcoal heathered grey pants with a purple long sleeve that somehow went well with my deep purple backpack and purple yoga mat. I know, its a lot of purple – but you'll see. My new and insane grey sweatpant material Nike Dunks high tops with yellow shoes laces step up to the 720.”

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