Bicycle touring survival guide

Friedel & Andrew toured the world by bike and wrote a very helpful guide explaining how you can do it too!

Friedel & Andrew’s Bike Touring Survival Guide is an excellent introduction, chock full of encouragement and helpful information for loaded bike touring inexpensively in North America and around the world. Women will especially appreciate very practical information on some of the hygiene and cultural challenges you might face while on the road. Gadget freaks can appreciate advice on the care and feeding of technology while cycling way off the beaten path. Your obsessive compulsive left brain can make use of checklists and HOWTOs, while your right brain gets drawn into the engaging, conversational writing.

If you’re even thinking of loaded bike touring, I recommend Friedel and Andrews’ Bike Touring Survival Guide. The €5 you pay via PayPal for a PDF eBook is well worth the price.


  1. In celebration of National Bike Month & to further support Wheels of Change (A non profit providing mobility to those that need it most), Austin-Lehman Adventures is pleased to announce that for all new bookings in May, for any 2011 Bike Trip, we will donate $200 to WoC. ALA is excited to be packing out our 2nd container of used bikes, this one going to open a shop in Nairobi Kenya. Visit for trips and details.

    This is a great cause and I would love if you could post about it!

  2. I’ve always wanted to do an extended tour but I have to admit that it always intimidated me. What a great idea for a book I am going to check this out – I’d love to spend a few weeks on the road this year.

  3. I met Friedel and Andrew in Kyrgyzstan. I thought they were insane. Lovely people.

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