You give bikes a bad name

You know all of those helmet-cam POV videos set to heavy-metal soundtracks showing crazy daredevils on bikes? Lucas Brunelle invented that genre, and with his “Light Of Sight” video he shows us he’s still the master of his craft.

If you’ve watched his videos before you’ll see some recycle footage along with material that might be new to you. And starting RIGHT NOW (5 PM Mountain Time, Thursday August 23 2012), Outside Magazine is making the full film available for free viewing until 9 PM U.S. Mountain Time. The video of these maniacs playing in traffic is an hour long.

Outside Magazine –> Line of Sight Free Screening August 23 2012 5 PM to 7 PM US Mountain Time.

Please don’t try this at home, kids. You’ll impress nobody. The actors in this video are what we in the industry call “certifiably insane.”


  1. Watched 20 minutes of it with the sound off and had to stop – holy crap, talk about amped up!

  2. Yeah, I couldn’t continue to cringe, hold my breath, exclaim “Holy SHIT!”, close my eyes, rear back, lather, rinse, repeat. I’d have never gotten to sleep.

  3. there used to be a you tube video with a “it Began in afrika” soundtrack
    of crazed bikers riding like this, creating an indelible image into the minds of
    non bikers that these guys are idiots
    New Yorkers like BSNYC wonder why many bikers are reviled?
    The answer is obvious

  4. Most folks don’t get it.

    But for those of us with the confidence in our own abilities to entrust our lives to them, this is no big deal. It’s like breathing. I see these guys cheating death in traffic, and I see an excellence so profound it’s unrecognisable by the majority of folks trapped in the corporate-owned, cotton-wool-buffered, lawyer-preyed, fuck-you-Jack matrix.

    Open your blinkered eyes to see the heroism inherent in living life like it means something beyond being safe and comfortable.

    Not that this sort of thing is anywhere near as unsafe as it looks to most; it’s made safe by a mind honed by years of fine split-second judgements. Doubtless, many folks seeing the sort of stuff I pull off in traffic would consider me suicidal, but I’ve either been ridiculously lucky (just turned 38), or I know what I’m doing.

    Let people judge their own risks.

    And by the way, wishing them harm because they pull off ballsier stuff than anything you’d attempt doesn’t speak too well of you.

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