Music and dance for transit marketing

Most public transportation promotions seem to highlight the practical, money saving virtues of using mass transit. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (“VTA”) in California tries something a little different with a series of videos with decent production quality.

The first effort reaches out to the South Asian population who make up about 8% of the population in Silicon Valley. It’s a little campy but I like that they tried this “Bollywood” themed outreach. According to the US Census 2012 ACS one-year estimates, 6.5% of Indians in Santa Clara County use public transportation, compared 3.5% of the total population who do.

The second was release just this last week and seems focused on the youth market, showing public transportation in a positive way that’s not totally nerdy.


  • November 5, 2013 - 10:19 am | Permalink

    SF Muni did a recent video as well, it is similarly amazingly campy, set to the tune of the Monster Mash.

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    Ho ho, that’s marvelous! Thanks for pointing it out.

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    And it looks like Virgin Airlines is on the bandwagon as of today.

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