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Bike Thief update

In 2005, Van and Casey Neistat locked up bikes in various locations around New York City and shot video of themselves brazenly stealing the bikes in open view. Though they were in view of countless witnesses and even a number of police officers, nobody stopped them. This year, Casey Neistat repeated the experiment with a read more »

Profiling suspected bike thieves

Cheers to Lancashire, England police for their aggressive bicycle anti-theft campaign. Jeers for their apparently heavy handed application of “stop and show proof”. Police in Lancashire, England stop cyclists and ask them to show proof of ownership in anti-theft campaign.

Bike locked by thief; What to do?

What do you do if you return to your locked bike to find another lock on the bike?

2 bikes, 1 lock

MAKE Magazine illustrator Tim Lillis created this “Tricks of the Trade” video to show how you can lock two bicycles up with a single U lock.

Sac Cycle Chic in the news

I met Lorena last year in Sacramento. She’s very nice. Lorena rides a bike around Sacramento and writes Sac Cycle Chic. She locked her bike up at the Davis, CA Amtrak station for a quick coffee run. There’s a Top Secret Rule at the Davis Amtrak Station: You may not lock your bikes up at read more »