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Pearl Izumi’s Legal Doping Coffee and cycling

Nobody likes a smart aleck so I’ve been trying to keep quiet about this since I first saw Pearl Izumi’s “Legal Doping Coffee”, but the legalistic black-and-white Aspergerish side of me can’t let this go. This is Pearl Izumi’s Legal Doping Coffee, and I got a chuckle out of it. But what’s wrong with the read more »

What am I on? I’m on my bike.

My other legal stimulant is my bicycle. The redhead is my good friend Adrienne in San Francisco, who runs Change Your Life Ride A Bike.

Road Holland Coffee

I know nothing about “Dutch coffeehouse coffee,” but Road Holland asked me nicely to post this info about their “Wake N’ Brew coffee series – Dutch Coffeeshop Blend.” Order here. No consideration received for this mention because, you know, coffee and bicycles. Have a great weekend, all!

Cecil Yates smoked a cigarette

Today’s youngsters might be a little shocked to see professional athletes promoting cigarettes, but it wasn’t too long ago I’d when I’d see the occasional bicycle racer grab a smoke and take a long drag immediately after crossing the finish line.

Off the beaten path with bike shop cafes

Tanya Mohn wrote a story for BBC Travel on bike cafes that are a little off of the beaten path, venturing beyond the usual bike friendly cities to Arizona, Wisconsin, a National Park in Australia, the Northern Lake District in England, and elsewhere.

Coffee Brake

It’s a coffee cup with a brake handle. What a clever gift idea!