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Truck driver kills 2 cyclists in 3 years

On November 4, 2010, Lauren Ward of Los Altos, CA was killed at Alpine Road near I-280 in Portola Valley when she was hit by a truck and killed. The truck was driven by Gabriel Manzur Vera working for Randazzo Enterprises. Fault has not been determined in that crash. Vera was apparently making a right read more »

Dooring kills

Summary of this article: 35 year old cyclist rides eastbound on Macarthur Boulevard in East Oakland when a 42 year old motorist opened her door directly into the cyclist, knocking the cyclist in the path of an AC Transit Line NX bus.

Bronx cyclist doored, killed by bus

A 57 year old woman riding her bike was doored and flung into the path of a bus Wednesday morning.

SMIDSY: Not a defense!

Attorney Brendan H. Kevenides is the “Chicago Bicycle Advocate.” He writes concerning what the British call SMIDSY or “Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You” — the excuse that is often given when a motorist runs over a cyclist.