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Don’t Door Me

Seen at the Sea Otter Festival…

Don't Door Me

I’m a little handicapped because I lost my laptop computer power supply, so I’m limited to what I can upload and post via my phone 🙁

As before, I’m the guy biking to the Sea Otter festival pulling a trailer behind me up A Road from Highway 68. “Up” is the operative word.

Final mile: 16% grade

You can view my photos uploaded to Flickr so far at my Sea Otter 2013 photo set. Hard to write captions on a phone so sorry for the lack of detailed information on most of them.

New passenger mirrors on taxicabs to help prevent doorings

From San Francisco’s Mission Mission, which notes the installation of small mirrors for cab passengers to look at before they open the door:

Oblivious taxi passengers exiting the vehicle have long been a constant menace to cyclists on Valencia and other streets with bike lanes for some time, so let’s hope this addition becomes more widespread and actually encourages clueless folks to check before carelessly flinging open their door!

Cab drivers in San Francisco also receive educational material developed by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to remind them of the dooring hazard. The drivers are taught to pull all the way to the curb and instruct their passengers to egress on the curb side.

More –> New cabs come equipped with passenger mirrors to check for cyclists prior to egress. Via Roymeo.

Need help with dooring laws in USA

I found 40 states have a law on the books prohibiting opening a car door into moving traffic. I know for a fact Virginia doesn’t have one because they’re debating the issue this week.

I can’t find a dooring statute for 9 other states. Before I report this as fact, if you happen to know otherwise please let me know.

The states without dooring laws (as far as I know): Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia

TIA for any help

San Francisco cyclist doored, injured by passing bus

Passive language (“the car door opened” of its own accord) is typical in collision news reports like this, but the cyclists swerving into the bus adds an interesting passive / aggressive touch.

A bicyclist was injured in a collision with a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency bus Saturday after swerving to miss a car door that opened on Geary Street downtown.

More in CBS SF: Cyclist Swerves, Hits Muni Bus In Downtown San Francisco. Opening a door into the path of a cyclist is illegal in all 50 states, but there’s no word on if the mysterious self-opening door was cited.