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Belt Drive Bike Friday Tikit

This exceeds my usual standards in poor bike porn photography so I don’t know if you can tell from looking, but that’s a Bike Friday Tikit folding bike built up with Gates Carbon belt drive and a Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub.

Tern at LA Opportunity Green

Tern has their folding bikes at the Opportunity Green business conference in Los Angeles today and tomorrow.

Tern bikes at Interbike

I had a good long conversation at the Tern Bikes booth. They’re the new folding bike company based in Southern California. They also sell bike accessories under the BioLogic brand.

Tallbike folder

A micro tallbike made up of small tire folding bicycles. It looks like you might even be able to fold it still.

Question: Full size folding bikes?

I have a friend who wants a bike so he can bike to work from the train station. He’s considering a full sized folding bike, like those available from Montague with 26″ wheels. Are full sized folders at all practical for multimodal commutes? Can you haul these into a bus or train? Caltrain’s folding bike read more »