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No bike bell? Prepare for a strip search

I’m reading the brief submitted by the American Bar Association to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Albert Florence’s 4th Amendment lawsuit regarding blanket strip searches. Did you know that in New Jersey, you can be arrested, jailed, and strip searched for riding a bicycle without a bell?

Specialized vs Volagi verdict

In Specialized’s lawsuit against Volagi, Specialized was awarded $1 in the breach of contract charge, while the intellectual property accusations were dropped.

Volagi courts public opinion

It appears Specialized Bicycle’s intellectual property lawsuit against Volagi will be a high profile knockdown dragout as Volagi’s principles use social media to tell their side of the story.

Bike crashes, litigation and attorneys

If you’ve ever been hit and injured while bicycling and attempted litigation to recover your medical costs, you already know that finding an attorney who will take your case can be very difficult.