Specialized vs Volagi verdict

In Specialized’s lawsuit against Volagi, Specialized was awarded $1 in the breach of contract charge, while the intellectual property accusations were dropped.

Volagi founder Robert Choi was found guilty of breach of contract and ordered to pay $1 to Specialized Bicycles. Specialized paid well over $1 million prosecuting this case, while Volagi paid $400,000 defending themselves, according to Tweets posted by Sue, the wife of Volagi partner Barley Forsman from the Santa Clara County courtroom in San Jose Friday afternoon.

Because there is no intellectual property theft, Volagi’s frame design is free for them to use.

I’m sure Volagi will post more to their blog soon enough.

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  1. …justice was served, the contract was upheld & the transgression was thought to be worth $1.00 by the judge…more than fair enough & a definite statement…

    …as far as the bogus “…intellectual properties…” concern, it was dropped, by the judge, as it should be…

    …’specialized’ reportedly spends 1.5 million in legal fees proceeding the trail to both try & ruin volagi & make their point & then sinyard comes out at the end & says he’s satisfied with the $1.00 award because this was really all about principals…

    …okey dokey…

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