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A U.S. history of jaywalking

I’ve mentioned several times that jaywalking is a relatively new term in the American English lexicon and the result deliberate and concerted effort by the motor and oil industries to criminalize what was once considered a perfectly civilized practice: using the public street as a public thoroughfare available for all users. BBC U.S. correspondent Aiden read more »

Pennsylvania 4 foot law bags one!

Pennsylvania’s 4 foot bicycle passing law went into effect on Monday this week. The law claimed it’s first hapless victim on Monday afternoon, when a 17 year old driver was ticketed for failing to pass with four feet after he rear ended a cyclist on the Fahy Bridge in Bethlehem, PA.

Truck vs bike accident reconstruction

In 2007, history teacher John Myslin was killed by a passing truck on Mission Street, Santa Cruz. An accident reconstruction video created for the wrongful death lawsuit dramatically illustrates what happened.

Thanksgiving Weekend Carnage

The California Highway Patrol reports 21 fatal traffic collisions over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Mandatory sidepath law in Federal highway bill

The current version of the 600 page highway spending bill from the offices of Senator Boxer and Senator Inhofe contains a “bicycle safety” provision that is anything but.

New York cyclists hurt 1000 pedestrians annually

But… 15 pedestrians injured by cars for every one hurt by a bike. Over 300 pedestrians are killed by cars for every one killed by a bicycle. A recently released study finds about 1,000 pedestrians are injured each year in collisions with cyclists in the state of New York.