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Santa Cruz Open Streets photos

Santa Cruz helds it’s first Open Streets event Sunday morning, October 7, 2012.

California Mission Ride

Seven horseback riders are traveling from Sonoma, California to the Mexican border for the California Mission Ride occurring right now.

Santa Cruz to experiment with open streets

After much wheedling from Saskia Lucas, the city of Santa Cruz, California agreed to close a two mile stretch West Cliff Drive from Lighthouse Field to Natural Bridges for this city’s first ever official open streets event.

A portfolio of stolen flea market bikes

Excuse me — that should be allegedly stolen bicycles. Serial crime victim Platty Jo dropped in at flea markets in Oakland in Berkeley hoping to spot her stolen wheels.

Santa Cruz MAH: Freak Bikes this weekend

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History “Experience Metal” interactive exhibit this weekend will feature, among many other things, ridable art bikes. On display is a compilation of tools, appliances, and cargo-carrying devices, all powered by the humble bicycle. Included are such creations as a bike blender, a hacked tandem independent drive, center-pull brake read more »

Santa Cruz transportation workshop

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) held a workshop last night to provide input on the planned November ballot measure to fix local streets, create safer routes to schools, and improve pedestrian facilities.