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Give Me Three at the Sea Otter Classic

I love to visit the Sea Otter Festival, a huge, four day bike show at Laguna Seca raceway in Monterey, California.

Tenspeed Hero

I also love to rant about the mountain bikers driving their bikes up the road who fail to give roadies like me any room as they whiz pass. The environment this year, however, was radically different. Can we credit California’s new Three Feet for Safety law?


Don’t Door Me

Seen at the Sea Otter Festival…

Don't Door Me

I’m a little handicapped because I lost my laptop computer power supply, so I’m limited to what I can upload and post via my phone 🙁

As before, I’m the guy biking to the Sea Otter festival pulling a trailer behind me up A Road from Highway 68. “Up” is the operative word.

Final mile: 16% grade

You can view my photos uploaded to Flickr so far at my Sea Otter 2013 photo set. Hard to write captions on a phone so sorry for the lack of detailed information on most of them.