Cycle Hero winners

Carlton posted the Cycle Hero video contest winners the other day. I missed the original Cycle Hero promotional video, however. This is a one minute video shown in British movie theaters to promote cycling during CTC’s CycleHero week last summer in the UK. The CTC is the national cycling organization in the United Kingdom. Here’s the two minute extended version.

The CycleHero one-minute Cinema advert was directed by award winning short filmmaker Paul Fuller and features the voice of newsreader – and President of CTC – Jon Snow. The ad was funded under Defra’s ‘Tomorrow’s Climate, Today’s Challenge’ initiative, produced by Sauce with music from brothers John & Simon Andrew.

The film aims to raise awareness of the impact of transport choice in helping combat climate change. This is done in a positive fashion by highlighting the simple fact that cycling is good for you, good fun and good for the environment.

Props to Warren at Commute By Bike.

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