Gilligan, the Professor, and the pedal powered raft

Gilligan builds a pedal powered, shaft driven raft out of coconuts, palm branches, vines and driftwood to get the castaways off of the island and back to civilization. The Professor points out that a chain is the most efficient way to transfer power, and convinces Mr. and Mrs. Howell to stop financing Gilligan’s project until he modifies the plans to use a chain instead of a shaft drive.

Ginger and Mary Ann take Gilligan’s side because they think he’s cute and adorable. The vote among the castaways is evenly split between the Professor’s side and Gilligan’s side. As Captain, you will cast the deciding vote. Do you select Gilligan’s practical yet inefficient shaft driven design? Or will you choose the Professor’s efficient but paper-only chain drive raft? And which laugh track should we use when the raft sinks during Gilligan’s test ride?

Discover which way bicycling author David Rowe chooses when I interview him here on Cyclelicious this TUESDAY. David has published The Ride of Your Life, an electronic book to help you prepare, train for and complete any challenging or long distance ride. I’ve taken a sneak peak and it’s very helpful and motivational material.

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