2010 Xtracycle Radish

Xtracycle’s newly redesigned Radish longtail bike for 2010 is now available for preorder from Xtracycle.com. Xtracycle invited Grant Petersen (Rivendell Bikes) to create a design improving the loaded and unloaded handling of this cargo bike. Deliveries of the 2010 Radish will begin in May.

Xtracycle Radish 2010

For 2010, Radish undergoes a major makeover, including frame geometry and design, as well as all brake and drivetrain components. One obvious change from 2009 is a lower downtube, allowing shorter people to swing a leg over to mount the bike. The effective top tube length (the distance from the seatpost to the headset) is also longer to provide more room for taller riders.

In their marketing, Xtracycle highlights the superior quality of the 4130 chromoly steel used in the Radish over the metals used in other longtail bikes. Chromoly is stronger than hi-ten steel and more forgiving and repairable than aluminum.

Xtracycle upgraded the various components over the 2009 Radish while keeping the price about the same.

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  1. I know that these longtail cargo bikes are incredibly practical but they just look off to me.

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