Armstrong, Kornheiser, bike path funding, and more

True story: I was intentionally ‘tapped’ in the back wheel by a guy driving a red BMW last year near the Santa Cruz Harbor.

The guy hit and ran and ruined my rear wheel. The responding Santa Cruz police officer was sympathetic, but my partial license plate apparently didn’t help to identify the scofflaw.


  • Lance Armstrong will appear on Kornheiser’s show tomorrow (Friday) and have a heart to heart with him.
  • Which makes me wonder: should we follow through with Podium Cafe’s ESPN boycott?
  • “ESPN 980” is owned by Red Zebra Broadcasting at 1801 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD. Red Zebra phone is (301) 562-3776.

I write this because radio sports commentator Tony Kornforbrains suggests ‘tapping’ cyclists for fun in a rant about cyclists in the streets. Lance Armstrong called him and ESPN out on the rant on Twitter and asked his followers to let Washington ESPN affiliate know how they felt. When ESPN responded “Hoping to be a Trending Topic Worldwide today,” Armstrong responded with a strongly worded tweet in turn.

Dan Levy at The Sporting Blog calls Kornheiser’s call to assault cyclists “comedy.” If I was a radio comedian, I might joke about throwing a brick through his window. But I’m not, so I won’t, and the joke isn’t funny anyways.

Getting intentionally run off the road and even hit is certainly on my top 10 list of rude things drivers can do to cyclists.

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit wants to use bike facility money to fund their railroad. Marin County Bicycle Coalition pushes back. Via.

Bicycle Design reports on Taipei Cycle Show and the 2010 International Bicycle Design Awards. Cool stuff.

A big Seattle Bike Expo.

Huff Post on Greg Wilhoit, who was severely injured while riding his bicycle in Sacramento last year. The guy can’t get a break.

Eco Velo bike photography tips.

Kadisco: Rock Is Dead.

Kristin: Vogue Around the Globe.

Riding Pretty: DIY Bicycle Skirt Guard.

Sub20OLH and his DIY tip to fix velcro straps on Sidi shoes.

Grist asks should electric bike sales be subsidized? They were subsidized in Santa Cruz for a while.

MAKE: How to make rigid carbon fiber tubes.

Off topic but not: Bluefin tuna can now be hunted to extinction. Japan, Canada and poor nations opposed the measure on the grounds that it would devastate fishing economies, though of course nothing kills an industry quite like eliminating the resource. Bluefin is the popular crimson maguro tuna that tastes so yummy as sushi.

Bike Portland news roundup.


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