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Today reminds me that Thursday Bicycles wasn’t at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show last weekend. Jon Norstag of Thursday Bicycles in Idaho specializes in bomb proof steel frames designed and built for downhill and cross country riding, but what I especially like is his Mutton Master sheep herding and utility bike.

Jon first set up shop in the Navajo Nation, and his Mutton Master is his gift to that people. It’s a cool story to read.

Thursday Bicycle news, views, and links

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Treehugger cars and transportation editor Lloyd Atter has been throwing some nice link love my way lately, so it’s time for me to return the favor. Treehugger discusses the perverse hybrid incentive, reports on the recent NHTS news that driving is down and “other” transportation modes are up, and points to this positive winter cycling article by a Canadian journalist.

SF CM on why the cops won’t shut down Critical Mass.

Dead men and bikes: Bike racks to make a Toronto cemetery more bike friendly. A Bicycle Hearse at a cemetery in Eugene, Oregon. The Daily Untertaker blog mentions these and other bicycling topics today. Via Bike Hugger.

This is a little bit abbreviated because I received this in the mail today.

Bike Snob NYC writes a book



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