Bicycle Friendly Missoula and blaming the victim

Missioula, Montana is a college town and a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community. Some jerks in a pickup truck run down and assault a cyclist. Responding police officer blames the victim.

As I pass an intersection I turned my head to see a truck still about 20 feet from the stop sign, my headlamp pointed me out nicely.

“Get him!” “Woof… Woof!” “Where you goin’ boy?”

All of a sudden the engine revs and the tires sequel and the hunt is on. I didn’t have time to think of what to do, the adrenaline just kicked in and I was off pedaling as fast as I could. I rode through the cobblestone street where the Farmers Market is held in the summer and hopped up onto the sidewalk as if that extra 4 inches of cement would be an adequate buffer between me and the lifted truck.

“Woof, Woof, Woof!” “Run ’em down!”

— snip —

I felt like I had just been hunted for sport. Like I’d been persecuted and violated just because I was on a bike.

The police response was especially disappointing.

Officer: “Do you ride a lot around here?”
Me: “Yes”
Officer: “Don’t expect this to be the last incident like this.”

I suppose rape victims are “asking for it,” as well. 🙁

The Missoula PD can be contacted at (406) 552-6303.

Read the full, terrifying story at Imagine No Cars. Via Streetsblog.

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