Bike messengers chase down bike thief

Don’t steal bikes, Bro. Bike couriers in Los Angeles chased down a bike thief and recovered the stolen bike. According to the LA TImes Blog and news reports, a man saw his Ironhorse mountain bike missing after his workout at a fitness center in downtown Los Angeles. A pair of bike messengers who witnessed the bike theft took off after the thief, chasing him through the Jewelry Mart area before one of the messengers grabbed the thief’s backpack and pulled him down.

“We are now looking for a 30-year-old man with a torn shirt, a possibly sprained ankle, as well as road rash,” say police.

More in the LA TImes Blog: Bike couriers chase down bicycle thief in wild downtown pursuit.

A pair of cyclists Just Riding Along in the middle of the night in Cairns, Australia didn’t fare so well when a thief jumped them, assaulted one of the cyclists and stole the other cyclist’s bike. The bike was later found nearby. More -> Bike thief takes on two cyclists.

Tip of the hat to Bike Hugger, Wuss and Kit @ ZPG.

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