Blekko search engine

My cycling buddy Bryn works for Blekko, a new search engine company. They do something called “slashtag” search. You can use these slashtags to modify your search. To search for something on bike-related blogs and sort by date, for example, you search your-search-term /bikeblogs /date.

Blekko has a number of topical slashtags as well as built in tags to control how results are filtered and displayed. You can also create and access crowd sourced slashtags with Blekko, and even apply to be an editor for topical slashes.

Most interesting for those interested in SEO / SEM, Blekko has opened the kimono by making their detailed search ranking information available to anybody. Just enter a URL and the slashtag “/seo” to view this information.

Have fun and Check it out.

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