Drunk driver sentenced for running down cyclists

There are some common factors in the sentencings mentioned below. Many of the drivers claim their wreckless driving was just “an accident,” and judgement and sentencing seems to be helped by factors beyond just inattentive driving: the drivers were drunk or texting.

I’m not sure what to think of adding rules prohibiting every possible scenario for distracted driving. Too many people who are sober get off completely free in crashes, though you’d think they have less of an excuse to hit somebody. Should aggravating circumstances (intoxication, mobile device use) be necessary for conviction when somebody dies?

A Massachusetts man who drove drunk and ran down two bicyclists in Concord, N.H., will spend between two and seven years in prison.

More at Man Sentenced For Running Down NH Bicyclists. H/T Chris M.

Driver in fatal hit and run who was texting sentenced to five years; first conviction under new distracted driving ordinance in Washington state. See also Biking Bis.

Then there’s the one about the off duty cop who struck and killed a pedestrian and refused a blood alcohol test. The dead pedestrian, who was unable to consent to the test, reportedly had a BAC of .22. She was hailing a cab (you know, because she was too drunk to drive), while the driver, who witnesses say was “visibly drunk,” ran her over. Should he get out of jail free because his victim was also drunk?

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