Happy Hump Day

Which bicycling related term beginning with “H” I can use for the title alliteration in this post? Headset? Hairnet? Hoo haw? About about “Hit and run“?

I’ll begin this edition of bike news with this hairy incident of a San Francisco bus driver who hits a cyclist on Market Street… and keeps going.

A cyclist lay bloody and dazed on Market near Fifth Street this morning, following a run-in with the 5 Fulton bus. Eyewitnesses told SF Weekly the bus driver refused to stop, even when passengers told him he’d hit a bike rider. One witness said around 10 bus riders implored the driver to stop following the 8:30 collision — but he instead left the scene.

Read more at the SF Weekly: 5 Fulton Bus Hits Cyclist, Driver Refuses Passengers’ Pleas to Stop.

Paris Hilton caught driving her SUV in the bike lane to pass stopped traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Via Cycle Dog comes this fun news from Colorado: Colorado legislator Jeff Kefalas proposes mandatory athletic cups to protect “the boys” for children between ages 2 and 17. Kefalas introduced this amendment (which failed) to a proposed mandatory helmet law (which seems to be sailing through). I’m pretty sure Kefalas introduced this amendment as a statement against mandatory helmet legislation. More here.

Book: Mud, Sweat, and Gears: A Rowdy Family Bike Adventure Across Canada on Seven Wheels. [Ad]

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Road ragers and their sick fantasies on “dooring” New York cyclist Famke Janssen.

Cool story of finding a Maker: You can actually meet your neighbors when you ride your bike in the neighborhood.

Bello Velo looks at the TIGER grants for cyclists.

DFW Point To Point on “Carbon for the Rest of Us”. Via Citizen Rider.

Riding Pretty finds this strange video of a couple of gals on a tandem bike and their dollhouse discovery.

Urban Velo: Batman and Superman are lazy.

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  1. Holy cats, that bus driver should get every possible charge thrown at them! How could he just be questioned? He fled a crime scene and didn't appear to care in the least that he may have run someone over. That is just whack!

    I'm not sure I can even read the dooring rant link, that might just make go crazy!

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