Hump Day head shaker

Shaking my head is my reaction to this bizarre bit of traffic safety news at How We Drive (originally seen by me through Carson Blume.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson was caught riding his bike again on Tuesday. The bike he rides looks like one of Marin’s hybrid bikes that are fairly popular with the bike commuters I see in the Bay Area.

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Bicycle Design good collection of assorted links.

USA Cycling clarifies bike race equipment rules, or so they say. “At USA Cycling Masters National Championships, the eight centimeter height rule and the 3/1 aspect ratio will not be applied to components. All other UCI bicycle rules (weight, wheel type, rider position) will remain in effect as they were in 2009.

Sanyo Eneloop bicycle updated with self charging mode.

EcoVelo discussion on Belt Drive and bikes.

Visit Morristown Pedal Pushers in New Jersey, because they like some of my photos.

Intuit used one of my cooler photos for a blog post on team work.

Here’s a happy post from The Oil Drum: Welcome to the Permanent Recession – Food and Transportation Prices Rising.

Huff Post on Santa Cruz Westsiders:

Bike Hugger at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Bike Intelligencer looks at the Evil Revolt. That has a ring to it.


  1. When I lived in London I took the tube to work. It wasn't until I decided to walk to work one day that I realized I could have saved a TON of money by riding the relatively flat 3 miles to work. I could have almost paid for a new Brompton folder that would have fit under my desk! Oh well, lesson learned.

  2. OK… I walked by the big screen school TV and saw the “after the break” story was going to be an unbelievable shaving while driving story… but I didn't realize just *how* unbelievable.
    Sex & cars … should be a little less o bsessionwith both…

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