Inflatable bicycle bag

The Helium Bicycle Travel Case is an inflatable padded case for bicycle air transport.

Helium Bicycle Travel Case

This travel case for bicycles uses inflatable air cells to protect your bike from damage as it sits in the belly of the airplane. You unfold the case, strap your unassembled bike, wheels and components inside, strap the pieces together in the Helium bike bag, and zip the bag up. Use a foot pump to inflate the case, kind of like an air mattress.

The 95.5 inch total bag size (length + height + width) is over the usual airline baggage limit of 62 inches for regular bags, but is under the 115 inch maximum bag size usually allowed. Note that some airlines limit baggage size to 80 linear inches, or charge even higher fees for bags exceeding 80 inches. This may or may not be on top of bicycle fees charged by most airlines.

Product info in English: biknd: Helium bicycle travel case. Via Oh Gizmo and WIRED.

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