Interbike 2011: Anaheim, in August

Interbike will return to Anaheim, California for the 2011 show. UPDATE: Nevermind – Interbike returns to Las Vegas, September 2011.

Interbike’s contract with the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas expired last year. They’ll be in Vegas this year later this month, but organizers were looking around. It looks like they’ve decided on Southern California at the Anaheim Convention Center, which is handy for me because (1) it’s closer to me and (2) I hate Vegas.

Obligatory Vegas Sucks Sticker

Less convenient for bike dealers will be the date change. The Outdoor Demo will begin on August 1, with the show proper beginning on August 3. This is the season for bike sales for many bike dealers; getting away from the shop to check out new product may be difficult for some of them. Some suppliers are already complaining that the new date conflicts with Outdoor Retailer, which is scheduled for August 3-7 2011 in Salt Lake City.

Show organizers moved the show up because of earlier production schedules from the bike industry. A lot of these guys make their product announcements during the summer, which seems to kill the buzz a little for Interbike in North America.

More at BR&IN, Bike Rumor, and some commentary at Guitar Ted.

Photo Credit: “Vegas Sucks” from Bike Hugger.


  1. Owners and decision makers are who needs to go to the show. The side show three ring circus could be anywhere else. It has long been becoming a bonus trip for the shop employee of the month. Those attending to do business spend a lot of time waiting for the tourists to get done telling tales and playing with demos. Too much Disneyland, too little opportunity for commerce.

    Interbike should realize that successful dealers and shops diversify and it makes the overlap with Outdoor Retailer increasingly a critical oversight.

    As a segment of a well-rounded shop, bicycling (and thusly Interbike) could lose out to SLC and Outdoor Retailer on travel budgeting since so many more product lines can be seen and ordered there. A more business like environment exists there.

    Any show is going to be about handling the masses; exhibitors, attendees, booth space, crate storage, hotel rooms, food, parking, flights and transportation. Vegas covers basics, but so do Anaheim, SLC and Orlando. Interbike is an 800lb gorilla. Anyone go to Austin, TX for the NAHMBS? Didn’t think so; try to get flights, rooms, rental cars there and see why Austin isn’t a first tier trade show locale.

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