Manny and his Rivendell Bleriot

I was at the San Jose train station chatting with a sweet young thang when this kid walked by with his fully loaded Rivendell Bleriot 650B touring bike.

Manny & his Rivendell Bleriot

Manny started in Santa Barbara, California and biked down to Tijuana before coming back up the California coast and somehow ending up in San Jose. He rolled to the train station to catch Amtrak to his next travel destination.

And Manny reads Cyclelicious, which makes him super bueno!

Check out:
* Manny’s Rivendell cap
* Bike bell on stem
* Cateye light mounted under the front basket
* Straw hat
* Sandals
* The bike is obviously well used, which only adds to its beauty!

Rivendell stopped selling the Bleriot a couple of years ago. Rivendell’s Sam Hillborne is kind of the less expensive replacement for the Bleriot. Right after I shot this photo of Manny, my bus to Santa Cruz stopped by so I hopped on, and the sweet young thang sat right next to me.

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