Monday Morning Review

The weather in California has been outstanding this weekend. I certainly took advantage of the nice weather; I hope yo did too.

Weekend bicycle news you might have missed, and more…

  • Mississippi passes Bicycle Safety Law with three foot passing provision, anti-harassment provision, and Far to the Right law.
  • Mark Stosberg posted a good set of highlights from the new Federal transportation policy for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • The Friday Night Special Edition of the Spokesmen Cycling Podcast discusses the kerfuffle and between Tony Kornheiser and Lance Armstrong, and the amiable discussion between those two on Kornheiser’s Friday radio show.
  • You might remember the family of five from Kentucky biking to Anchorage that I mentioned last September. Bill Harrison, his wife Amarins, and their three children Cheyenne (age 7), Jasmine (5) and Robin (3) rolled through Santa Cruz over the weekend.
  • 2,200 riders at the San Jose Bike Party “Green Ride” last Friday night. A good time was had by most, until a guy in a white Chevy Cobalt hit a cyclist and tried to run before he rear-ended another car, at which time a big group of cyclists surround the car, extricated the driver, and held him until police arrived. The cyclist’s bike was destroyed, but she’s uninjured.
  • A bicycle plan for Anchorage Alaska. This subarctic city with an average winter temperature of 10 degrees F with 70 inches of snowfall per winter, a very short summer, long winter nights, and even ash falls from nearby active volcanoes. In spite of these challenges, the US Census bureau reports about 1% of the city population — or about 1,500 people — commute by bike daily in Anchorage. This beats out cities like San Diego (0.9% in 2008), Phoenix (0.8%), and Dallas (a truly pitiful 0.05%).
  • Village Voice columnist Michael Musto on the joys of urban cycling.
  • Hubless wheel from the past. And Bike Snob NYC asks what’s wrong with hubs?
  • Bike Columbus series on Commuting 101: Getting geared up and what to wear.

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