NAHBS Checkpoint Race

Globe, Mash, and Embrocation cycling journal have come together to sponsor an alley cat race on the first night of the 2010 Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show (Feb 26-28, 2010 in Richmond, VA). This is a very good omen for a weekend of exuberant good times with bikes, bikers, and bike builders.

Race details and prizes: Five checkpoints can be completed in any order, with $50 cash prize to the first arrivee at each of the 5 checkpoints. Racers must return to the start point after reaching each of the 5 checkpoints, and before completing the next.

The first person to complete all checkpoints and return to the starting point wins a custom, hand-built, hand-painted fixed gear valued at $2,000. Second place is $350 cash plus a $350 cash endowment to be given to the builder of your choice. Third place is $100 cash.


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